Extreme firewire Reader


I have noticed that transferring photos from a SanDisk CF card to two different computers both running W7 64bit using this reader is very slow or tends to hang.  Yet in XP transfer rates very fast.

W7 is telling us that both computers have the latest drivers for the 1394a drivers installed.

Any help would be greatful



You need to use the Legacy drivers and not the updated one. :wink:

  1. Click on Start and Type device manager into the search window
  2. When it shows up - click it open
  3. Click the arrow on IEEE 3194 Bus host controllers and see the driver name that you are currently using “1394 OHCI …something
  4. Right Click on that icon and drag to Properties
  5. Click on the Driver tab at the top of that window
  6. Click on UpDate Driver
  7. Then click Browse my computer for driver software
  8. Pick 1394 OHCI compliant host controller (Legacy), click on Next and close.