Sandisk Extreme Firewire Reader has stopped mounting - need for a photoshoot tonight!

MacBook Pro 17" Core i7, OS 10.7.4 - I have been trying to upload photos from a SanDisk Extreme CF card (60MB/S) 16GB card.  I have had both for some time with no issues.  I have not changed hardware.  When I plug in the reader the little blue light comes on.  When I plug in the CF card the light responds normally at first and then begins to strobe - it is never recognized in Finder and will not mount.  I have restarted the computer holding down the command/control/P/R keys, I have run disk utility.  Nothing seems to work.  I tried it on another computer and nothing there either.  I tried a new firewire 800 cord and no change either.  The CF card continues to work normally in the Canon 5D MkII - no signs of corruption.  What can I do?  Is there some way to reset something internally that might work?  This reader has been terriffic and I don’t want to lose it.

I have just encountered exact the same problem - has been working fine until now.

Any help would be much appreciated - have just landed in Cambodia for work and it is so slow downloading off the camera.

Thanks for any advice out there!