Extreme 16GB CF 60MB/s works in camera but not in Mac OSX

My replacement card of July 2012 (replaced for free one that died) is working just as expected in my Canon 5D but it is not recognized on my iMac OSX 10.6 anymore. It used to.

I am using a Lexar FW400 reader which works fine with my other SanDisk cards including an older identical 16GB.

I always format in-camera after uploading the files to my computer.

If I use a basic USB multi-card reader it is recognized and I can transfer the files, however it is painfully slow.

Any ideas anyone? I tend to feel that it is a Mac thing - I can no longer connect it directly to the iMac because Apple did away with FW400 slots and only use FW800, therefore I connect an external drive with FW800 then plug the reader into that.

Perhaps also this card is showing signs of an upcoming total failure… I’m a bit nervous about using it now.

Like I said, other cards read like that OK, just this one doesn’t and it still works in the camera and reads from a USB reader, so it isn’t dead.

Many thanks.

my friend. i’m afraid you got RIPPED OFF!! the sandisk 16gb usb drive is NOTORIOUS for it’s Fцcking SLOW AЅЅ “speed”!! If you can, i suggest you return it. BTW, don’t expect to get any help from the useless clowns here. They’ll say it’s your equipment that’s faulty. LOL.