Sandisk USB 3.0 Card Reader reads 1 Mb/sec

I was delighted to get a new PC with USB 3.0, it’s SO FAST!!  but its card reader was USB 2.0.

I selected the SanDisk USB 3.0 reader on purpose since I have some cards rates as high as 90Mb/sec.

so far, I only get about 1Mb/sec from it, the USB 2.0 internal reader is faster.

It’s a small rectangular shape, ImageMate all-in-one, all black, made in China.

Did I get ripped off with a counterfeit on Amazon?  Do I need a new driver for it or ??

I’ve used both SD, CF cards from SanDisk and Transcend and they’re all sloooow.

thanks in advance!

I’m not seeing the sandisk reader in the device manager, I have lots of USB stuff but I would think that SanDisk would appear as “sandisk”

You might want to double check on the download page and see if there’s a driver for this where you can download and manually install. There’s too much difference on what you stated.