Card reader for 32gb sdhc card & and usb 3 version.

i have a sandisk 32gb extreme pro sdhc memory card.

is your all-in-one reader the recomanded reader? …for said card.

if yes, is it capable of the card’s maximum rated speed of 45mb/s? reading the notes at the bottom would suggest NO, with the max being 34mb/s. if that is indeed correct, don’t you think that’s ■■■■? shouldn’t a reader made/sold by sandisk be able to read/write a sandisk product (memory card) at said product’s maximum specifications?

and on the same subject, how long before there is a usb 3.0 model of your reader/s?

usb 3 is not that new now and will become de facto soon enough. you can use a usb 3 device in a usb 2 port and it will work, albeit slower, but at least you can’t claim it’s because most people still don’t have usb 3.

sandisk has an express card reader that is recomended for the Extreme pro cards. USB 2 readers imply cant reach the speeds the card is capable of. I have not seen a USB 3 reader from sandisk but I am sure one is in the works. 

in the words of those apple vs windows ads; ===> i’m a pc…

with that in mind i quote one of the device requirement for what you linked:

Notebook or desktop computer with ExpressCard™ 34 or ExpressCard™ 54 slot

wait what? what slot on a pc?

i have pci and pci express and that’s it baby. or…?

No express card slots are not PCI express card bus on the motherboard.