Sandisk Expresscard reader for eXtreme CompactFlash Cards.

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Any update about the launching of these new readers?

Sandisk Expresscard Reader

Many professional photographers are looking forward to get these high speed readers.  We never understood why Sandisk removed the firewire readers before launching the new ones with expresscard port. Currently the speedest Sandisk reader is the Imagemate (up to 34MB/s through USB port? )

Many photographers already got CF Extreme and Extreme PRO with 90MB/s that cannot be achieved with the firewire reader (only 45MB/s).

Response from SanDisk official source will be appreciated.


That has been in the market for quite some time now.

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Seems to be that this reader has been launched in US and some EU countries, I will try to contact the Sandisk sales rep in order to get them to Spain.