Extreme 128GB and Extreme Pro 128GB advertised the same way

I thought of getting a 128GB card SDSQXVF-128G  (Sandisk MicroSD Extreme) or SDSQXXG-128G (Sandisk MicroSD Extreme Pro)

Both the extreme and extreme pro card 128GB advertises Read Speed of up to 100MB/s and Write Speed of up to 90MB/s. Similarly, both the cards support Video Speeds C10, U3, V30. So what is the actual difference? Just the naming gimmick or does extreme pro perform better than extreme.  

Long Back, Extreme pro cards which I got had much greater speeds than the extreme card or exceeded in capacity which made me go to an extreme pro. But now in this case. Both the cards have the same speed and same Video Speeds as well as same capacity.

In Extreme, Disclose point 5  claims: “Up to 90MB/s read speed; up to 40MB/s write speed. Based on internal testing”

In Extreme Pro Disclosure “Point 3 claims Up to 100MB/s read speed; up to 90MB/s write speed. Based on internal testing”

Why is it advertised the same way then?