Exteme USB 3.0 64gb disables wifi

Hi all,

Whenever I insert my Extreme USB 3.0 into a port, my wireless connection disappears. When I remove the stick, wifi is re-established within a few seconds. Anyone know why or, even better, can anyone tell me how to stop it happening?


Anyone know why

My guess would be too many USB devices overloading the power supply.  Am I close? :smiley:

Thanks for the response - but I don’t think that’s the issue. I only have a mouse dongle in one of the USB 2 ports, nothing else.



i have the same problem, with Extreme 3.0  32GB.  My notebook is Acer Aspire S3-391 (like  Macbook Air 13"), there is only two USB 3.0 ports  and built in Wifi. I am using Microsoft wireless mouse in first USB port. After inserting  Extreme into second USB  is  wifi disconnected and wifi mouse  is disconnected too. But USB drive is working fine. 

I tried this problem  with other USB flashes and with USB external HDD drives. With ordinary USB flash is it ok, but with  USB 3.0 or with external HDD  it will  disable wifi  too.

So my conclusion is  propably problem with power in notebook,  maybe is power  in USB 3.0 mode bigger, and there is some conjuction in circuit  between  internal wifi and  USB  ports.

On other bigger notebooks (lenovo, Macbook Pro 15, MSI GS70 17")   is  all ok, no problems.



I have a issue quite similar except that when I plug my sandisk extrem 32 go get enable my bluetooth on my lenovo T520…

no solution or workaround found

Could it be possible that the San Disk Secure access software is the culprit ?

Thanks for the idea, but I am not running the Secure Access software.