16gb extreme all of a sudden starts interfering with wireless mouse

I’ve had this usb drive for quite some time and never had a problem. A few days ago, I plugged it in and noticed that my wireless keyboard would be fine to use but both of my wireless mice (microsoft and logitech) would start being REALLY laggy to the point of useless. It’d only move every once in a while. I then reinstalled windows and wiped everything clean, and it still does the same thing. Why did this happen all of a sudden?


I dont think that a usb drive will interfere with wireless devices that are connected on usb ports. You have to check if the mouse and keyboard work with other usb ports fine and if these ports work fine also.

If yes then you may see if the drivers are ok and everything is set up correctly. Check also the batteries of the devices if they are wireless.

It sounds like a low power problem.  Either to the machine or to the USB ports.  Anything new added to the house wiring?  Air getting to the machine power supply ok?  Ports clean of dust? 

  This link may help you. Good Luck ! http://support.logitech.com/article/38032