Expected Life Of 1 GB Sansa Clip

I have a new Sansa clip 1 GB and am new to MP3 players. Since cant remove battery I assume this is a throw-away device when wont recharge anymore. I was wondering if anyone knows the approximate useful life to expect from this model. Like maybe how many charges is what manuals usually refer to. Just want an idea of how long I could expect it to last. Not a heavy user so the number of recharges would be a good indicatior.


I have a whole handful of Clips, over one year old now.  They still have excellent charge life, running all day.  Remember that the official battery cycle rating refers to full charge cycles, running the wee beastie until dead, and recharging.

I believe that the lower limit, as the Sansa turns off the device before the voltage drops too low, is still sufficiently high to preserve the battery.  I have a control in my test group, plus one daughter who routinely plays the thing until it’s dead as Julius Caesar.

Current results, no appreciable difference in runtime on any one of the Clips.

Lithium Polymer cells are best treated like a car battery: keep them charged routinely, as the Clip’s processor automatically handles charging.  Unlike NiCd batteries in the past, the LiPo has no memory issues, and it can be kept charged.

The Clip will run for several years without having to worry about the battery.  In fact, thrashing about in the real world will most likely wear out the Clip before the battery is depleted.

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IIRC, I once calculated that the Clip would “last” at least 2-3 years with very heavy use; at least 5-6 years with normal use.

That sounds reasonable to me.  The Clip is a very durable wee beastie, save the removable clip.  If they can survive the thrashing my daughters give them, these machines will be around quite a few years.

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I made the calculations based on the life of both the battery and the OLED.