ERROR initiating Secure Access on SanDisk Extreme Pro 256 GB USB Flash Drive

This secure access software has a major glitch!!!  I’m in the setup for a new drive.  After I typed in my password twice, the OK button remains Grayed out.  So I closed the window.  I then double-clicked on the .exe file and it prompted me to log in and enter my password.  Entering my password gives me the enclosed error.  Now I can’t use the encrypt feature which makes this thumb drive USELESS.  

SanDisk SecureAccess V3.02: Failure reading the filesystems file (err=1).  

It sounds like the system didn’t like your password.

It displayed “Excellent” pwd. It won’t let me back to reset the pwd. It only prompts to enter the pwd. And it won’t accept the password I had setup. What to do?

hmmmm I wonder if your system’s security system is preventing writing to the USB drive.  Check it’s logs.

Try writing a file to the USB drive outside the SecureAccess system.

Flash drive was returned to store. It fundamentally failed to fulfill the main function I bought it for (encrypt my files on the drive)!!!  What a piece of crap!