Many Problems- 1. Failed to start 2. Does not accept password even though I am typing correctly 3.

Such a big company is torturing the consumers with No help coming from there Customer care excepting recorded messages.

  1. After downloading the software and insering the flash drive it says ,Failed to start.

  2.  After inserting the flash drive again, it says Insert the flash drive

      Same thing continues

  1.  Password does not work though I am tying correctly

  2. On the advice to delete the guidance points for Secure Access & software etc in the face of the drive,

It does NOT reload the software.

It does not recognise.

Bought 64 GB and 128 GB.

Both are waste and nuisance.

Why can,t company improve the product  instead of torturing the customers.

It does not happen with any other brand.

I will ask people thru social websites NOT TO BUY SanDisk.

Not sure what you are doing but SecureAccess must run on the actual SanDisk drives not from where you downloaded it.