Error downloading programs

Anyone can help me!!!

 i have a cruzer micro 8GB FDCZ6-XXXXXX and i cant download any porgrams. Always i get fail at every " download"

The LAUNCHPAD is runing but i cant instal / download programs . i get this " error "

HTTP Status 404 - /lp/en -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- type Status report message /lp/en description The requested resource (/lp/en) is not available. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JBoss Web/2.1.3.GA

 i can’t connect on the center or CRUZER CENTER PROGRAM  it’s stuck at loading.  Well acctually i can’t do anything. i insert  Crzer flash in PC and autorun is starting and it show me that like normaly must show. but i can’t instal or download anything…

 More exactly is " empty "

What should i do!!! anyone can help me with this?

u3 stopped shipping and all the servers were taken down back in november of 09. if you want u3 apps you can get some of them at or you may need to visit the app manufacturers website.