Cruzer Program Wizard Not Detecting Internet Connection

Hello, I’ve been attempting to install programs onto my Cruzer Flash Drive, and I have had problems with the Cruzer Program Wizard. Despite the fact that I have a working internet connection (which I am using right now), the wizard cannot seem to detect it and runs the error message “Internet Connection Required. No Internet connection found. Please check your Internet connection, then try running this wizard again.” I am not sure why this is happening. I have tried to run it from two computers now with the same result. Please help. Thanks.

Additionally, when I click the U3 Download Central button, it takes me to a news website called “” I don’t see any way to install programs from it, unlike the instructions explain. The instructions claim that there is a tab on the left from which I can download programs. I thought that might clarify a bit. I can’t seem to find anywhere to download programs to my Cruzer :mansad:

This thread should answer your question:

Ah, I see. Thank you. I shall try the options you’ve mentioned in that thread.

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cruzer program wizard not detecting internet connection

u3 is end of life and has not been shipping on sandisk drives since October 09. the program servers have been taken down. if there is a particular program you are looking for you will need to contact the deveoper of the program and see if they still have it availble for download. 

As noted above, this thread should answer your question:

Please read this posting:  Then we may be able to help.

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