Editing in WINAMP, and Syncing in WMP 11

I found winamp on stumblr, and I like the way the user interface. 

But I don’t get the my fuze to sync correctly with WINAMP but I do like the way WMP writes into my fuze.

When I first sync my fuze with SkypeWINAMP a lot of the album art work was wrong.

I got all the command strokes down for winamp so when I am organizing my library and updating data, I don’t even require the use of a mouse. I am much faster updating files in WINAMP than in WMP.

How do I get WMP to update my library files in WMP automatically. When I download music, the files come as tracks. I need to label them individually and then make albums out of them. I got all that down. I just want WMP as the end front to sync with my player.

Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Red Ver: 2.02.28

Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Blue Ver: 2.02.28

Music library softwares don’t like to play nice together. But in WMP’s settings you can set it to use the library you have set up with Winamp.

The player is made to sync with WMP by going to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and using MTP.

But be very careful with WMP.  You have to go into its settings and turn off Auto Sync or it will dump everything in its library onto the Fuze. If you delete something from your computer, WMP will delete it from the Fuze next time it syncs. Etc. 

Also, your computer can only see one USB transfer mode at a time. Music you have sent over via MSC will be invisible to your computer in MTP mode, and vice versa.

By the way, you are probably working way too hard on tag editing. Check out the free mp3tag for tag editing.


Set its defaults (under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg) to Write ID32.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are the Fuze’s favorite tags.