e280R: Fast-Fwd. jumps 15 second intervals on Sansa Rhapsody e280R

Is it possible to do a smooth FFW/Rewind?  I need to go back one second.  When I press rewind it does nothing.  Then I hold it down and it starts jumping at faster and faster speeds.  What’s the trick?

Depending on my thumb dexterity, I can go back or forward about 2 or 3 seconds, but you have to have pretty quick reflexes. If you just tap the REW or FF button, it will skip to the previous or next track. You have to hold the button until the REW or FF engages, then immediately release the button to stop it. Not an easy task.

You’d have to be awful good to go back by only 1 second consistently. :confounded:

Makes it near impossible to listen to a lecture and review the material carefully

Maybe you can ask the speaker/teacher/professor to speak more slowly and clearly. :stuck_out_tongue: