E280 won't restore factory default

Each time I try to restore the factory default through the settings, I am unable to do so. I get to the screen that asks me if I want to continue. I select “yes”, but I the screen just goes to previous RESET ALL screen. I continue to see old videos and music on my player. The odd thing is I can not see these files when my E280 is connected to my computer. The music and video files are empty, yet I can play the files on my player.

I think what you’re wanting to do is format the player. Restting the factory defaults only changes the personal settings one enters into the machine, like Backlight, Brightness, Power Saver, FM Presets and the like.

If you cannot see the files when plugged into your computer, it’s likely you have the USB Mode set to Auto Detect, which can connect in either MTP or MSC mode. Files loaded in one mode cannot be seen by the computer if connected in the other.

If you have a v2 model, you can use the onboard Format option in Settings. If you have the older v1, you’ll have to format the player through Windows. This will erase and optimize the memory space.