e280 Sound Qulaity Issues

I’ve had my e280 for about a week now and overall I think it’s a nice player.  I really like the mechanical wheel, the menu system and the fact that their is a dedicated record button for the voice recorder.  I also greatly appreciate the microSD slot!

I do have one big problem with the player though, and that is the presence of static-like noise in the background.  It’s very noticeable at even low volume levels when there is a quiet passage in music, and honestly it’s a deal-breaker for me because it seems to affect the overall sound quality making it sound muddy with my Shure e3c earbuds.  I just wonder if this is an issue known to SanDisk, and if there are any potential remedys in the works via firmware?  I really like everything else about the player, but sound quality is the most basic and important attribute in my assessment.


Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to get much improvement here.  I don’t notice it too much, but virtually every Sansa review I’ve read mentions the interference noise.

I agree that you’re probably right…I don’t see how a firmware update could actually eliminate what seems to be internal electronic interference, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

There is a LOT to like about the Sansa e200 series, but unfortunately the sound quality is a big issue for me (evidenced by the fact that I paid $150 for earbuds) so I’ll have to find another device.  :cry: