Sansa Help-Would be very thankful for answers--2X question

Okay, ive had my e230 (I think not sure on exact unit) for a little over a year now. No problems, have used it moderately. Today at the gym, though, the sound starts to get muffled and it immediately raised alarm because i had a different mp3 player do the same thing. Basically, my suspision was right…

It is a problem regarding the input for the earbuds. I dont exactly know what is wrong, but my guess is that it is loose?? When i move slightly the sound muffles and the song is no longer able to be comprehended. There is still sound, but words are not clear. I can manually move the input for the earbud around to get the sound back, but it wont stay.

I do not know how to fix it, and unless someone can help me i will be buying another product… but heres the second part

Basically, i have around 350 or so songs on my player. However, when i go into the drive manually and click on the music file, it says i only have 80ish. The same occurs in Windows Medfia- for some reason they player is hiding 75% of my files…

Is there anyway to get these back?? Im really stumped and need answers…

The files may be in a folder hidden to Windows. Try this.

As for the headphone jack, getting a new unit will be cheaper and easier  than repairing this one. Sorry. 

@c1u31355 wrote:

The files may be in a folder hidden to Windows. Try this.


Or you have some songs loaded in MTP mode and some in MSC. You can’t see files originally transferred in one mode while you’re connected in the other.