e260v1 won't power up on battery, battery voltage good!

Got this e260 REFURB about a year ago, but only turned it on a few times.  Seemed to work great, then misplaced it.  Found it but now it won’t power up on battery.  Tested battery voltage at 3.64.  When connected via USB it says “connected” or “writing”…  I was able to get numerous voice recordings off it - which is GOOD!

After some effort I was able to upgrade the FW to  1.02.24a.  Also did the “sansa.fmt” thing in “recovery mode”.

It seems to work OK on USB power, but not battery power.  To actually “use” it I can BARELY connected the USB cable, so it gets power but not a full USB connection.  The buttons, wheel, etc. all seem to work WHEN I can get it powered!

As noted battery voltage is good.  I cleaned the terminals.  I took it completely apart and didn’t see anything obviously wrong.  

The traces on the PCB are so small they’re difficult to see.  Anyone have a schematic or at least some idea where I can test?  Obviously a “portable” music player isn’t very portable if it must be attached to a USB power source.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



Since you’re so comfortable stripping it why not just go and get a new battery duplicate?