E260v2 thinks it's connected to computer when connected to car or wall outlet

I’ve had my E260v2 for years with hardly any problems.  But this one’s weird - it started a couple weeks ago. When I try to charge it using the car power outlet or the wall outlet it shows the screen you get when you hook up to the computer via USB, i.e. it first says “Writing” then it says “Connected”.  And it doesn’t charge - you get the green battery symbol but it’s not animated and there is no lightning bolt.

Immediately preceding the start of this behavior I plugged the Sansa into the car outlet and the player promptly died - it wouldn’t start by pressing the power button.  This has happened before but usually if I hold the power button down for 30 seconds or so it comes back on.  This latest time I held it down for 60 seconds and it came back on but the weird activity started.

Any ideas why this is happening?


Turn on your e260 and note the display when starting up.  There are two distinct families for the e200, the v1 and v2 , which have different processors, and subsequently, different firmware.

Do you see a SanDisk logo with a reflection beneath, and a blue sansa icon that appears under that?  If so, it’s a v2.  There are plenty of refurbed v1 devices out there that have shiny v2 metal backs on them.

Are you using the same charging adaptor and cable?  If everything else is the same, you can try reinstalling the e200’s firmware by following the steps in the proper firmware thread.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: