E250R dead? thumbwheel lights but no display

The thumbwheel lights up when I plug in the USB cable, but no display (black).

My XP PC recognizes it as a USB device only, not as a Sansa music player. Requests to install software via New Hardware Wizard. Still no display. Windows Explorer does not list an icon on the list of drives.

Holding the menu key seems to turn it off after 15 seconds, but same thing happens when turning back on - no display.

This player sat unused for a couple of months, now this issue…

Any suggestions? Loved this little player!

You can try removing the battery for a few minutes and re-installing. Sometimes this ‘hard’ reset will work when the ‘soft’ power button press & hold does not.

You should try the suggestions in this post next. If you still have the Blue Ring of Death, there is a complicated Linux procedure that you can use as a last resort. Details can be found here.

The link contained my solution! The memory chip must have become dislodged as the “soft click” re-engaged the chip or whatever was loose, and the player is now functional with all my music. Many thanks!

“While you have that back removed, a blue screen can also be caused if the Sansa cannot read the memory, if the daughterboard isn’t firmly plugged in.  Gently press downward on the grey foam block above the battery, and listen for a soft click.”