e250 blue ring, doesn't start up

My e250 doesn’t turn on, the blue light from the wheel stays on all the time. It does not connect to the computer, and I’ve tried what I was told would put it into recovery mode (switch to hold, press and hold record while connecting it to computer) but it is still unrecognized. It has rockbox on it.

A v1 e200 not booting, with just the blue scroll ring lighting, is a sign of a loose memory board.  Remove the rear cover, and have a look at the large black rectangular area above the battery module.  You will see a small grey foam rectangle within this box.  Give it a gentle press downward; hopefully, you will feel a soft click as the daughterboard snaps back into position.

Reassemble your sansa and try powering up again.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you very much, it worked perfectly :slight_smile: