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I bought Sansa e140 a few days ago, and I use it now with 2 GB card. This is a lot of memory and a lot of files. Like most of us I organize my files in folders (directories) and here comes the problem - I cannot figure out how to navigate my Sansa e140 by folders. It was very easy on my old Sandisk 512 MB player. e140 seems to sort my files by their mp3 tags (genre, artist, album (not folder!) etc.), and I cannot believe Sandisk developers took away the ability to listen mp3 files by folders.

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As far as I know it only sorts files by the ID3 tag.

Narse is correct. The e100 sorts by ID3 Tag information.

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I know how to edit tags and I should say this is a very bad way to organize files. :robotmad:

I usually run listening to music - and depending how fast or how long I am going to run I put different tunes into different folders. This sorting has very little to do with albums, artists etc. Of course, I can sacrifice one tag, for example, genre, and call it “fast” or “warmup” or “slow”, but when I re-shuffle the tunes I’ll have to change the tags again.

For example, I feel tired and “Smoke on the Water” is fast for me today. Normally I would just drag it from “slow” to “fast”, but now I need to open a tag editor, and type in a new tag - and no typos are allowed!

I wonder what was the logic of Sandisk engineers when they decided not to use the most common way of file organizing, that is by folders, subfolders etc.  Do they plan to update the firmware and include this feature?

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This is largely opinion. If SanDisk does it one way or another, theres going to be a set amount of people who want it the other way. I personally like the ID3 tag method. Because I can still accomplish what you describe using playlist.

Sures its an extra step, but it lets me do everything you accomplish with filetree’s AND Id3 tag. Even other large manufacturers are following suit with the same method.

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Try to set up a playlists. This way you could just pick a large playlist for long runs and a short playlist for short runs :slight_smile:

there is a thread in the product feature suggestion names ‘folder and filename indexing’. click here. maybe if there is enough request, they may include this feature

To Narse:

Does Sansa e140 support playlists? I just checked the pdf user’s guide, and did not find the word “playlist” there. Google yields a lot of hits that say Sansa e100 series does not support playlists.

I would be happy to learn how to set them up.

To be honest I do not know, I have never had the pleasure of working with a e100 series player. I am sure one of the other members here will know for sure.

it does not support playlist. you can only transfer playlists through MTP mode and e140 is MSC only.


When files are in a folder (the ones you want to be on the same playlist) select all and change the album or some other bit of info to “Rock” for example.  Its the easiest and works well.

Playback order

Regarding the Playlist issue . . .  I am a new owner of a Sansa e140 and e130 (I picked up on close-out).

I have previously used the Rio Forge 512. The Rio Forge recognizes .m3u playlist files (easily created when ripping CDs or on Notepad if necessary). This file maintains the playing order from the original CD.

I’ve found the e140 does not recognize a .m3u file, and is playing back in alphabetical order based on the track title in the ID3 tag. Listening to tracks in alphabetical order is sometimes horrible. As an example, try listening to the Beatles’ Abbey Road in alphabetical order!

I can cheat the system by editing the track titles in the tags and adding a numeral in front. (Interestingly, the player seems to even ignore the track number field in the ID3 tag.) Editing all these ID3 tags is time consuming however.

Does anybody have a better work-around for this issue?

Is there any chance of a software upgrade to resolve this? (It would seem a rather minor fix.) Is Sansa still supporting the player?

I am running version 1.0.010 A.  Is there any updated/enhanced firmware that I don’t have now? I haven’t been able to find firmware for the player on this site.  Thanks!

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I updated my firmware awhile ago to 1.0.010 A and went looking recently to see if Sandisk is still putting in effort to support my E140 and/or the E130…the **bleep** sons of the Sansa series :slight_smile:

It took me awhile to find it so I figured I might save someone time:



Does anybody have a better work-around for this issue?

Is there any chance of a software upgrade to resolve this? (It would seem a rather minor fix.) Is Sansa still supporting the player?


the e100 has been discontinued for quite some time. i doubt there will be any new firmware updates for this player.