Doesn't work

I’ve joined this forum simply to say that Sandisk’s ever-so-clever Secure Access DOES NOT WORK.

Technology today is absolute garbage in terms of functionality - and this great idea of Secure Access is a perfect example: terribly smart, great concept, ‘let’s cobble some bits together and punt it out there’. Pity they didn’t think of TESTING it first.

I set it up fine, entered my password, transferred a file, and then tried to access said file. Not possible. It didn’t ask for the password! I could see the file but couldn’t open it - and there is NO WAY. The point of a password is for the app to request that you enter  it! There, Sandisk, that’s perhaps not something you’ve fully developed yet but if you work on it, you might catch up.

I deleted everything related to Secure Access and will manage fine without it. Might not rush to buy Sandisk again though.