Doesn't read entire album

bought a 32 gig classs 4 micro sd card to make it possibe to see entire albums on clip sport, but this machine scatters the music all over.

The sound on this is better than any player I’ve had but the way it accesses the music makes it hard to play the whole album.

I’ve never seen such a screwy file system, I put the card in a 4 gig Eclipse and I can see everything I put on the card.

I wish the clip sport would read like the Eclipse or any other player.

In what way does the Clip Sport “scatters the music all over”? Do you use the Music menu or folder view to access the files? A couple of examples would help us help you.

If the songs on an album gets separated under different album names on the player (music menu) it’s probably because the ID3 tags contains different information. MP3Tag is a good and free software (Windows only) for editing ID3 tags:

Went to the site for mp3 tag and my site advisor said it was a dangerous site, not worth all the crap.

Never saw such a screwey system like this player all my other players let you access the full album, you shouldn’t  have to add any software to the player.

very disappointed  with this player.

Never had so many problems with a regular player

This is the best sounding player I’ve  heard but the worse file system ever

The MP3Tag site is just fine–given the software’s popularity, you need to make sure you’re at the right site, and not that of an imposter . . . .

As to the firmware issues:  that is why some of us prefer the earlier Clip+ and Clip Zip; the Clip Sport is _ not _ the latest and greatest in the Clip line, but a “specialized,”“left turn” of a player.