Doesn't even work.

It worked at first. I plugged it into my computer, turned it on, backed up some small pictures. Unplugged it properly, wirelessly backed up some pictures from my iPhone, turned it off. I went to turn it back on a couple hours later, nothing happened, no LEDs, doesn’t charge, doesn’t even show storage on my laptop. I’ve tried holding and releasing after 15 and 30 seconds, nothing happened.

???  How does one turn off a USB flash drive???

The OP may be referring to the iXpand drive or one of the wireless drives (which are self-powered), in which case his query was posted in the wrong board.

@OP - Please clarify what drive you have so someone may help or offer suggestions.

buyer beware ultra FLAIR 3.0 flash drive  WIN 7 PC WILL NOT WORK WHAT A WAIST FROM tesco lincoln

ime not even going to try i should just be able to plug it in like my generic one and it works . it wnt even register it come on sandisk you have done this for years why cant you let people download the driver for it sooooo–complicated

i was desprate for my tv to load up software for the ultra flair flash drive … SH-T IT DOESNT WORK REALLY Pi—sd , i am really anoyed

buyers get another make