Not Recognized Error


Here’s my issue;

I’ve recently used my SanDisk USB about 4 - 5 hours ago, and It was working Flawlessly,
But then I’ve recently gone back to use it and it just doesn’t work?

I’m not receiving an error message saying it’s not recognized either, it’s just not working, In detail;

The RED Indicational light flashed for about half a second, and then it just stops, and nothing happens, The device isn’t posting or sending any routerlogin errors or signal to the device in general.

If you have any suggestions on how to retrieve my data, please let me know how.

Best regards.

Try the Windows’ Safe to Remove icon for the flash drive. Then shut down Windows. Note not turn off Windows, shut it down. Remove the flash drive. Reboot Windows. Plug the flash drive in and see if it shows up in File Manager. If so open a Command Prompt window and run a CHKDSK command on the drive before opening it.