Does the EQ use more battery?

I was wondering, because I have always used the EQ on my Sansas, and I never knew if it changed anything. So does it?

The EQ function uses more battery power, that’s the same for most mp3 players, including my iPod 5.5

Changing the EQ makes the “cpu” work harder.  But I wonder how much using it reduces the life of the battery charge, might be insignificant.

well you’re always using one of the eq presets with the fuze aren’t you?  ie you can’t NOT use eq, right?

If you select “normal”, this is the same as “flat” or “off”.  The EQ takes a wee bit more power from the battery, in the form of boosted audio levels (slight) and processor operations (also slight), when selected.

In the real world, dropping or increasing the volume a click or two as you listen most likely has the same net effect, in terms of power consumption.

So, unless the Guinness official is watching over your shoulder, and every milliamp-hour is vital to your endeavor, go ahead and enjoy the sound!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

OK, thanks, because if iit took more than 30 minutes battery than I wouldn’t use it! I knew that wouldn’t be the case, I was just wondering.