Does clip play expired audiobook (overdrive)?

I have an old Sansa M240 that can continue to play audiobooks from the library past their standard 3-week loan timeframe, as long as I transfer onto the player before expiration dates.   I would like to upgrade to a clip or fuze but I’m concerned whether DRP are “enhanced” in the newer players, or if they have the same feature/function in this regard.   Would appreciate any input.  Thanks.

Yes…Clip will still play the expired audiobooks just like M240

OverDrive audiobooks play past their expiration date.  NetLibrary books do not.

How would anything know if it’s expired, since the Clip doesn’t have an RTC?  (If I sound ignorant of this all, it’s because I am – I’ve never used any DRM content on these players.)

Clip has an RTC,  but Overdrive is using the OLD DRM system which did not have expiration feature.