Saving books over a long period of time

The Sansa Clip I bought a year ago is still going strong and can hold up to about

5 unabridged books.

Question: If either the Sansa Clip or a Sansa e280 sat on the shelf for an extended period

of time (months) WOULD I LOSE ANY OF THE STORED BOOKS ON TAPE I’VE DOWNLOADED once the battery went dead and needed a charge?

I want to dump several Overdrive books on an e280 and periodically transfer them to the clip, but won’t buy an e280 if the dozens of book files just vanish once the battery discharges.

Appreciate the info.

Given the Overdrive DRM you can’t just move the downloaded books between players.  Each player would need to have the license to play the book.

If you install to both with the Overdrive program and then just delete the ones off the clip with windows explorer, the license might remain on the clip and then when you moved the files back they might play. 

I haven’t tried this, but I did have an accident last week where I deleted all my overdrive books off my insignia sport (used when I want to listen via bluetooth).  I had just deleted the music folder that they were all in.  I was able to copy the audiobook folders off my clip to my sport and they would still play without any license errors.

I used “might” above because I’m not really sure when and how the license files are modified by the Overdrive program.

The Flash-based players (such as the clip, the e280 and well, most of what you find in the market) do not loose their data if unpowered. This is a characteristic of Flash memory: it’s non-volatile, i.e. it doesn’t need to be powered to maintain the information.

Otherwise, the battery would drain quite quickly when the device is off because it would have to be giving some power to the memory all the time (I am aware that some faulty units suffer from battery drain when not powered, but this is a malfunction and I suspect that it is not related to this).