Why does Clip+ keep OverDrive Audiobooks?

I D/L a few Audiobooks from our Library and used Overdrive to play them and transfer them to my Clip+. All was OK, but I found I had to use MTP mode for AudioBooks when transfering to the Clip+.

When one of the books expired yesterday, I was informed today, when I opened Overdrive (just to see what would happen) that it expired and it then removed the book. However, even though it said I had to remove it from any portable device, it still worked on the Clip+.

So, even though the Clip+ has the correct time/date, it seems that it will work until I remove the book. Is that correct?

OH, while listening to one book, after 10 minutes the Clip+ would turn off. If I then turned it back on, all would play as long as I wanted. This happened twice. Could it be just that book?

I have the Clip & Fuze, not the Clip+ (yet - it’s coming!), but those work the same way with OverDrive books.  The OD manager removes the WMA books from your computer, but not from your portable device.  It’s up to you to remove them from your portable devices.  If you don’t, you can listen to them past the due date.  You can’t *retransfer* the books to anything else without checking them out again, but other than that, it’s the “honor system”.

I just noticed I still have a bunch of MP3 books on my computer harddrive which I thought should have been deleted long ago, so unless there’s an updated version of the OD manager available, the manager only removes the WMA books from your harddrive when they expire.  Not sure why the OD manager wouldn’t delete the MP3 books when they expire (I, for one, would appreciate the OD manager doing that housekeeping for me!). 

I’ve never had my Clip or Fuze shut off while playing anything.  I guess it could possibly be the file.  You could trying re-downloading the files.

Thanks. Well, I was just wondering as I thought I better finish the book…which I did. Good to know that if I am on a trip and my Clip+ has the book it will not expire.

I will be watching the power off issue. I did not have that bug where it would not come back on…all I needed to do was just hit the power button again.