Does an Extreme SDHC 32gb fit into a new MacBook pro?


I’ve just got a macbook pro (2015) and wanted to put the memory card from my camera directly into the SD slot. I have a Sandisk Extreme 32 gb. However, it doesn’t seem to want to slide easily into the slot. It seems to get stuck after a little way and i don’t want to force it. Is it compatible with a macbook pro? Has anyone any experience of getting the sandisk into a macbook pro? how hard to you need to push it?




as far as i know the SD cards have a universal size so you dont need to force the card inside the slot. you have to kame sure that the card is genuine and maybe try another card reader to ensure that the sd slot is clean and not damaged

Ah ignore my post! i worked out what i was doing wrong … trying to push the card in all the way. It only needs to go in half way!! d’oh!!


its very good that you found out the solution on your own.

Have fun now with your new card