SanDisk Extreme Pro adapter for SDXC UHS-I Cards

I hoping that someone can assist me.  I bought this card to use in my MacBook Pro (mid-2009) running Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.6) and I can’t get it to work.

I’ve installed the drivers and spent the past few days doing Google searches to no avail.

Can someone tell me what I might be missing, here?



It should be compatible with your OS. Have you checked under Disk Utilities? How about reinstalling the drivers? Are you inserting the adapter while a card is on it? Try inserting the adapater first before inserting a card to it.

I’ve tried every possible combination I can think of.  I never see the card mount.

OK, so I’ve installed an older driver and now, I can get a card to mount if it’s inserted on boot up, only.

I still cannot get a card to mount on media insert.  I’m working on trying to get a card to mount manually, from the command line…

Any pointers or tips?

Do you ahve one of the new MAcbook pros with an i7 processor? if so sandisk support said this is a known issue and the only work around is to boot with the adapter connected.