Deleting Entire Albums

Is there any way to delete entire Albums, without having to delete each song from within the Clip+ ??

From the device, single file deletions only, meaning only the currently loaded track.  For larger numbers of files, it’s far easier to manage your music files from the computer.

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Hi newbie on this forum, so may be asking or repeating a previous question.

I have a Sansa + 8G when opened in windows vista 4G of memory is shown, and there is music recorded on the device. I am unable to clear the total memory. I have tried music>songs>playlists>go lists. The message says go list empty.

What have I done wrong? can I rectify the mistake.

Is windows media player the best program to make the most of the Sansa features.

Your assistance would be appreciated,


The GoList is only a playlist that points to your selected music files.

To delete music files using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Music folder of your Sansa.

You will run into one little issue: MSC versus MTP mode.  The sample music on your Sansa was loaded with the device in MTP mode.  If you are connected in MSC, this music will not be visible.

If you wish to start anew, with a “clean slate”, you can use the Sansa’s built in Format command, via Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes.  This will erase all media from the device.

I am biased, using Windows Media Player as a testing platform for the Sansas, I’m familiar with the interface.  WiMP is the most common, readily available music manager for most users, so it’s a natural.  And yes, I’ll give in to the humor, it was engineered by Microsoft, makers of Windows Me and Vista.

You aren’t limited to WiMP with your Sansa!  You can use Media Monkey, Winamp, Rhapsody, Napster, Foobar, CDex, the dreaded iTunes even (as long as you select MP3 as your output file format), MusicMatch Jukebox, the list is very long indeed.

Whichever manager you choose, feel free to ask here should you have any issues!

Sorry, and welcome to the Sansa forums!!!  Feel free to browse about, and remember, your questions are welcome.

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Hi, and thank you Bob,

I will give your suggestion a try ASAP, I need to learn more about the Sansa features.

I have no real issues with WiMP, only asked as some of you more knowledgeable guys may have found another system that may be better suited to Sansa. I gave up on i tunes some time ago I guess one has to go all Apple to get all the best from what must be a great system, lots of folk I know are big fans. I will have a peep at some of your other suggestions, at some time, soon I want to convert my vinyl to mp3.

Once again thanks for your quick reply.

Kind regards,