Deleting Content from M250

Greetings to the forum. A few days ago, I purchased an M250 and put three books on it. As soon as the downloads were completed via Audible Manager, I disconnected the player without looking to see if they were showing up in the Audible Manager directory. The files played perfectly. This morning, I connected the player to my computer to delete the files and discovered they were not displayed on the Audible Manager screen, nor were they showing up when I looked at the M250 using Internet Explorer. I disconnected the player and verified that I could still indeed play the files. I’m wondering where the content could be hiding on the player. Could it be embedded somehow in one of the Sandisk system files that I see in the player’s directory structure? The “Records” and “Audible” folders are definitely showing up as empty. Thank you for all help. Craig

My error. I said I could not view the Audible files in eitehr Audible Manager or Internet Explorer. I should have written “Windows Explorer,” not “Internet Explorer.” Craig

try switching modes of the device. if you’re using MTP, switch to MSC and if you’re on MSC switch to MTP.

after switching, plug it back to the computer and try to access the files