Question on Sansa M250 System Files

Greetings to the forum. This post is an update to and clarification of a post I wrote a few hours ago about a problem I was having with deleting content from my new M250. When I first connected the M250 to my computer (running Windows XP with SP 2), the only items present in the folder structure were a “Music” folder and a “Records” sub-folder. After transferring some files from to the player and listening to them for a few days, I went to delete them via Audible Manager and noticed that the files weren’t showing up on my computer even though they could be selected and listened to from the menu of the player itself. I took a look at the M250’s folder structure using Windows Explorer and noticed several files that weren’t there when I first connected the player to my computer, such as MTABLE, SYS_CONF, and RES_INF. There was an “Audible” folder, but it appeared to be empty. The files simply couldn’t be found. I wondered what had caused what seemed to be the sudden appearance of these system files. Being unable to delete the undetected Audible files using Audible Manager and Windows Explorer, I went into the M250’s menu and performed a “reset all” command. The player was then restored to its out-of-the box state: a “Music’ folder and a Records” folder underneath it. Audible files were successfully copied. They are showing up on the screen of the player and also via Windows Explorer as files in the “Music” folder. There is no longer a file called “Audible.” What is responsible for the sudden appearance of all these odd system files? Is it normal for Audible files to be stored as files in the “Music” folder without the presence of an “Audible” folder? Thank you very much for all help. Craig

if you’re on MTP mode, change it to MSC and try to delete the files again.

on the m200, the files that are transferred using  the MSC mode are not viewable when you are on MTP and vice-versa.

on the m200 files that are transfered on usb mode won’t be viewable on MSC mode.  you might be switching modes of the player that’s why files are ‘mysteriously disappearing’

Yes, the player is somehow switching modes. The factory default for the M250 is “auto-detect.” Since I have a Windows XP SP2 machine, I assumed the player would auto-switch to MTP. Actually, this appears not to have happened. Before connecting the player to transfer files, the “USB” mode was indeed set to “auto-detect.” The “Music” and “Records” folders were the only ones showing up. After copyng Audible files and listening to them for a few days, I noticed the player had switched to “MSC” mode. The Audible tech support person I just called advised me to reset the player, reformat it, and before copying files, set the USB mode to “MSC.” I have done this. The full list of system files are showing up on my computer as well as Audible content under the “Audible” folder. So far, all is working well. The files are showing up on the screen of the player and also via Audible Manager and Windows Explorer. I don’t know why MTP mode isn’t working with my machine, but somehow, it seems happier in MSC mode. Craig