Database refreshes whenever clip is turned on.

I bought a 2gb clip about one week ago, It came with .11p firmware installed, 2-3 days ago i upgraded it to .30p using the firmware updater, the firmware was updated without any problems. Since today everytime i switch on the clip it refreshes the database, i have not added or deleted any music files to the clip. Whats causing this? I want to reapply the firmware but i cant find any links to download .30p, the firmware thread only has links for .30a & .30e. Can anyone give me the link to download .30p firmware? Thanks.

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Database refreshing has stopped after i formated the clip and reloaded the songs, i still need .30p firmware.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I think all the regional firmware versions are the same. I’ve checked .18 .20 .29 and .30 of the American ( “a” ) and European ( “e” - “f” ) files and they are all identical. The only difference is the last letter of the binary (m300 a.bin, m300 e.bin, m300 f.bin). There’s some info about that in the anythingbutipod forum: Firmware suffix letter codes. The Clip will check the last filename letter and act accordingly. So, you could get the standard American firmware, change the last letter to “p” and try using that. I’m sure the Clip checks the integrity of the firmware before installing it, so it shouldn’t cause any harm, even if it fails.

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I believe you are correct–an easy fix.