Data overflow bug: long filenames and tags

Here’s one that I hope will be easy to fix. I have some songs that havevery long song names. In these cases, I was getting text from the end of the songs name (set in the MP3 tags) inserted at the beginning of the song name displayed in my Fuze. What’s odd is that the displayed name is NOT just from the tags, it’s actually combining text from the tag AND the actual file name!


Actual file name:

Robert Fripp_Exposure_12_I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But Ive Had Enough Of You - First Inaugural Address to IACE Sherborne House.mp3

MP3 Tag Info (set with MP3Tag v2.39 - Can’t upgrade because I have Win2K):

I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But IHEOY - 1stIATISH

What gets displayed:

ousey Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I HHEOY - 1stIATISH

(Note, this is what I abbreviated it to in an attempt to get it to display properly, but note the beginning comes from the end of the FILE NAME not the tag!)



Genesis_The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Remastered)_01_The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Fly On A Windshield - Broadway Melody Of 1974.mp3

The Song tag in the MP3 reads:

The Lamb Lies Down On B’way - Fly On A Windshield - B’way Melody Of 1974

The Fuze Displays and Sorts on This:

[space?]1974amb Lies Down on B’way - Fly On A Windshield - B’way Melod


One more… this one shows it’s not just the tag or the filename, but both:


ABWH_Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe_06_Quartet (I - I Wanna Learn - II - She Gives Me Love - III - Who Was The First - IV - Im Alive ABC ).mp3

Tag reads:

Quartet (I Wanna Learn / She Gives Me Love / Who Was The First / I’m Alive XYZ )

Fuze Displays:

iveABC) (I Wanna Learn / She Gives Me Love / Who Was The First

iveABC) (I Wanna Learn / She Gives Me Love / …  (displayed when not on the actual song display screen)

In the last example, I would originally get a song name starting with a weird character, until I shortened the name and song tags some to what you see above in the hopes it was purely a file length issue… I haven’t tried changing them back, but I suspect that having periods as part of the filename might be to blame for the weird character.

I know there’s got to be some limit to the number of characters displayed, BUT if there are too many chars it should discard the extras gracefully. Hopefully this will be a simple tweak and they can focus on fixing the bigger issues… but, it is still an issue for those of us who like prog rock with it’s long song names.

The files all play OK, it’s just the name that is screwy. It appears there are two data fields, one for the filename and one for the song tag, and there’s a routine to use one or the other, b ut there’s a problem with the “barrier” between them. (I’m a programming type, so I know that’s not the technically proper explanation for how this is done… but the firmware programmers will certainly understand what I’m getting at, and the analogy will probably be easier for the non-programming folks to envision :slight_smile:

I have firmware V02.02.26A and an 8MB card, though the files this happens with are on both the card and the built-in memory.

Long as I’m typing, other feature suggestions would be as follows:

  1. GAPLESS PLAYBACK!!! All the above would happen less if I could keep each song separate and not get the gaps.

  2. Scroll long Artists, Albums and Song Titles at once. It’s maddening waiting forever to read the whole song.

  3. Add the ability to remember at least 2 or 3 users with individualized settings. For me, this would only need to include changing the brightness, volume, last song played, repeat, shuffle, and equalizer. Of those, the Backlight is actually the one that bugs me… I listen at night in bed, with the brightness all the way down, then get in the car the next day and find it VERY difficult to even see the screen enough to turn it back up in the sunlight. Would be nice to have a real quick way to switch between configuration A and B.

  4. Add an option to trim “The” from the Artist names in the artists list. This could get messy for albums from “The The”. :slight_smile:

  5. Add a second custom equalizer setting, or even a third.

  6. Add a custom equalizer capability to the podcasts. I listen to Old Time Radio (OTR) and some of the shows were recorded in the 1930’s or even before… for some of these recordings you have to do some funky things in the EQ just to hear the show over the background noise sometimes. It’s frustrating to have to jump out of the podcasts and copy them as music just to get this functionality.

  7. Create an option to shuffle while playing all songs, but not shuffling while playing an album (ie, separate the shuffle settings for these two modes).

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Similar behaviour has been described here. File/Folder names as well as tags are kept in the music database of the fuze. Both seem to have hardcoded limits on the number of characters. It is very likely they are not checked properly and simply overwrite other database content. Let’s hope this issue will be fixed in a next firmware update …