Artist Name Character Limit?

Hello Everyone, my first post.

I have a 4gb fuze with an 8gb micro sd card.

I am a fan of “Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble” i synced all my files into the fuze, they had no problems, until recently.

i purchased a new album, and ripped it ti my computer, then synced it to my fuze, and the artist name said “Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double T” so now i have “Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble” as an artist, with my 240 songs, and then  “Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double T” as another artist, with just the new album.

By the way, i always use Media Player to sync my files.

also, the systemm files (when i acces the folders through 'My Computer\Sansa Fuze 4GB\internal memory or external uSD card) the system files are a mess, some of them have a partial artist name and some random numbers. the fuze still displays them correctly, but  the random numbers in the system files make me nervous.

Sorry about my disorganized post, but if anyone can help me figure out how i can put all my SRV songs under one folder, that would be great.

Windows Media Player adds those numbers for its own indexing purposes. If you want to keep using WMP, you’re stuck with them.

I don’t understand why the artist name was cut short unless the human who intially typed in the track information for WMP’s database put it in that way.

You can fix tags with Windows Media Player itself, by going to Full Mode (under View), Library find each, right-click on it and Edit. Tedious.

Or you can do it fast with mp3tag.  It’s free. When you install it, allow it to add itself to context menus. Run it, and go to Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg and choose, under Write, ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 (which is a geek way of saying Windows-style English-language characters). Make sure you save that, so that it will become the default.

Now right-click on the Double T album folder, choose mp3tag from the drop-down list, and when mp3tag opens to show the album, highlight all the files. The Artist tag will say Double T and you can change it to Double Trouble for all the songs at once in the box on the left.

While you’re in there, do something else. Highlight all the files. Make sure they are in playing order (top to bottom); if not, click the Track Number header to rearrange them. Once they are ready, go to Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard and choose Leading Zeros, and run that. That’s the best format for track numbers in the Fuze.

The tags are correctly written, i checked them on windows media player 1, and on mp3tag, it’s just the fuze that cuts the artist name short, and gives me another artist on the list instead of putting my albums all together

As long as you have mp3tag installed, save them to the default format (ID3v.23 ISO-8859-1) as above. I don’t know why, but  the Fuze is having trouble reading the tags, so my only guess is that somehow the format got messed up.

And make sure you save the folder with the fixed tags onto the Fuze as well as  the computer. I know that sounds pretty basic, but goofy things can happen when you sync. 

The Album, Artist, etc. lists are made from the tags. There’s no other mechanism.  You can also put the Fuze in MSC mode and search for MTABLE.SYS  . That’s the database file, the index made from the tags. If you delete it , the Fuze will assemble a new one after you disconnect, and should put the corrected tags in the lists.