Dashboard and USB attach

Does anyone know if there’s a plan for Dashboard to support USB attached SanDisk drives?  I have a dock that I can swap drives in and out of that attaches via USB, and other vendor drives are still seen in their toolboxes (Samsung, Crucial) but not SanDisk.  

Hi Chashock, 

It is possible that dashboard can not recognize or utilize full functionality through USB connection. Because certain SATA commands do not go through USB connection or adaptor

I suggest you can change an adaptor and try again. I personally have an adaptor from a cloning company Apricorn, and it worked most of the time.

Well, Samsung and Crucial don’t seem to have any problems recognizing their drives when in the same adapter, so I’m less inclined to think it is the adapter than the software.

wanna know…!!!!

I agree,

Sandisk dashboard is the only utility that i can not utilize through my USB dock, kind of bites.