Cruzer Pop Bent and not working

I bent the Cruzer Pop drive and attempted to plug it into the USB drive and there was no response

I disassembled the whole thing cos it was already slightly bent and the casing was open

Is there any way for me to recover the data on the flash drive?  To the naked eye it looks fine and nothing looks bent…but of course I am aware I could’ve damaged it internally

I’m hoping the reason it can’t be read is because the casing was busted and the flash drive became loose - is there some casing I could buy that holds the flash drive firmly so that I can plug it into the usb?


You can use Sugru to hold it. Make sure you plug it in correctly. If you get another of these flashdisks (cruzer pop), handle with care. Because if you use it incorrectly (plugging off but pulling on the flap, accidentally sitting on it, etc.) it may break.