How to open Cruzer U 64GB? Suffered damage.

I have a Cruzer U 64GB (lime green) that was plugged into a laptop and fell about 3 feet and hit a hardwood floor. I have tried 3 windows computers (v8 and v10) and none of them recognize the drive. I also do not see it listed in Device Manager.

I would like to see the extent of the damage of the drive before I proceed with an expensive data recovery etc.

In order to do so, I would need to physically open the drive.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to open it.

It has a small tab that I figure probably is the key to opening it. The small tab is on the opposite side of where the drive plugs into the USB port. (You will notice a dark spot, that is from an ink pen when I tried to open it)

I should also note that the black part that slides out to enter the USB port was bent slightly when it fell and was damaged.

Thank you for your help!