Cruzer Glide capacity

Hello all! How do you know when the drive is full?

Plug it into your computer & locate it in File Explorer. Right-click on it & select Properties. It will show you the used & available space.


my concern is about when i come to burn , say 3.80 gig of PAL format video i have made.

Yes the maximum to burn onto my 16 gig san disk cruzer is 4 gig so i am within the parameters.

But when i format this same 3.80 PAL into NTSC  format it comes out much larger ( maybe 5.40 size now )

so i cannot burn/copy/paste it in one go onto my cruzer.

my question therefore is, as i go into the separate clips in the 3.80 video, how do i get the amount of them that equates to under 4 gig ?? to enable the transfer

please advise.