Cruzer Glide 32gb

I’m confused how I can use programs such as an image editor and a word processor on files in my secure vault. Do I need to load U3 onto it? I tried loading portable programs like a browser and the other two into the vault, but that didn’t work. They wouldn’t open. I would like to run my blog completely within the Cruzer, and would need the three above programs to do it. I have found PortableAppsPlatform to work sometimes and not others for no apparent reason. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!  

The files in your vault are encrypted. Those programs cannot access those files. You would have to remove them from the vault, de-encrypting them, make your changes, edits, etc. then transfer them back to the vault, encrypting them again.

But having said that, unless these are highly sensitive files and you’re afraid someone might get unauthorized access to the flash drive, you could simply not use the vault; just the the flash drive as any other flash drive. Then your word processor, etc. can access and re-save without all the encryption nonsense.

Just a rule thumb for Vault, you need to take those items out in order to use them.