not possible viewing photos in folder ?

I have many photos in my CruzerGlide 3.0 32gb inside a SecureAcces folder.

All works fine regarding the secure vault etc… etc…

However I would like to browse the pictures like usual photos on a Pc by clicking NEXT or PREVIOUS (or with keyboard)

Yet I have to close each and every photo and double click for seeing the next one ?

Is it not possible to vieuw all after each other bij a simple arrow key ?

Or how can I alter the Cruzer so it wil be possible ?


Eric from Belgium

Rather than storing your photos in the SecureAccess vault, store them on the drive outside the vault.  Then Windows tools & apps will be able to access them in the manner you want. 

True, but then again they can be seen by everyone who uses the stick

How often is the stick out of your possession?

And how important is convenience verses security to you?

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You need a different encryption program to do what you want.

For Windows, VeraCrypt is probably the best since it is free and quite solid. Setting up for use with a flash drive takes a little time, but will work very well.

If whole disk encryption is desired, you could use Microsoft’s BitLocker (if you have a Pro version of Windows) or Apple’s FireVault 2 (OS X). If you do not want whole disk encryption, you could format a flash drive to have more than one partition, and use VeraCrypt, Knox, BitLocker, or FireVault 2 to encrypt one parition, leaving the other for use without requiring secure access.

Some photo management software has built-in password protection and/or encryption capabilities. For example, iPhoto will save all photos as a single large file, and encrypting this one large file will protect all photos that are in that single library.

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