Cannot load my Sandisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 256 GB for Mac

I bought the above Flash drive and on clicking the Sandisk icon to start, what I got was a clickable file to open Sandisk SecureAccess. Since SecureAccess is optional I chose not to do that as I only want to store photos on the Flash drive. What next? I got the impression that Flash drives needed no special software (and hopefully no formatting)

Related to the above question: if I do successfully install the Flash Drive can I create Folders inside the drive for different catagories of photos?

Yes, you can create folders on the flash drive, outside the SecureAccess vault and no, you don’t need to format it.

Thanks. Do you have a solution for the first question? How to install the Flash Drive without Secure Access? Would a Screen shot of my situation help explain my problem?

I’m not a Mac person but in Windows I would rename the SecureAccess.exe to SecureAccess.noexe. That way should you ever change your mind you can just rename it back.

Well, I am still confused. All the above is about SecureAccess which I do not want or need. How does renaming that help?

You can just save a copy of it and delete the SecureAccess

If you rename it’s extention it won’t execute, which is what I thought you had problems with.

Here is a screen shot of the Flash Drive as it appears on my Mac opening screen

What next? I would appreciate step-by-step recommendations.

So I have posted a screen shot of my computer and it shows Secure Access (which, by the way, is not required and is optional) which I do not need. I saw a internet commercial for another Flash drive that looked exactly like the Sandisk Cruzer but branded with a different name and the demonstrator showed that that Flash Drive automatically copied all the users photos after she clicked on “Go”.

So Go figure. Surely a Mac user out there must have a detailed solution to this? Could it be that Secure Access is required in order for the flash drive to work (Sandisk web page says it is optional)

A couple more screen shots from the Mac Disk Utility.

Is this flash drive defective?

Sorry to be so persistent but look here: in the above screen shot of Mac Disk Utility “Info” three things stand out and confuses me:

  1. Volume Capacity shows 250.45 Gb (mfrs always claim more disk space, e.g. 320Gb)
  2. Available space: 0
  3. Used space: 250.45 Gb

Regarding the third item, if used space is full how can I view it?

If the drive is new and the Available Space is 0 I would return it to the seller. Something is wrong.

Folks, I finally got it to work after Sandisk sent me a link to format it for my Mac.
Here’s a question for you: is the Cruzer Glide considered a SSD? After all, it has mo spinning parts. I realize most SSDs have larger capacity and are more expensive.