Cruzer Glide 32GB Secure Access Vault not opening

Been using my Cruzer for 2 years and never had a problem.  Plugged in computer,  ran secureaccess.exe and got the following message:

“This vault could not be loaded, it may be located on another computer or the original vault file has been manually removed.”

I am using Windows 7 operating system and had not backed up the drive.  I can see the .dat files on the Cruzer but cannot get to them.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any help.

Best I can suggest is to try running CHKDSK on the flash drive.  Safely Remove the drive, reboot then retry it.  Hopefully that helps.

Ed_P, I ran CHKDSK and found no problem with the flash drive.  I does show that the files are still on the drive (about 16mb).  After I type in my username and password to open the vault, it tells me the vault cannot be loaded.  But the vault files are loaded on the flash drive.  Any other thoughts??

Are you running the current version of SecureAccess?

Ed_P, I am running Securevault version 2.0 which is what came installed on the thumb drive.  I have not upgraded to V 3.0 for fear it will reformat the thumb drive.  Wanted to get it back accessing the files before converting it.  Thanks so much for your help!!

I have not upgraded to V 3.0 for fear it will reformat the thumb drive. 

I understand your concern.  I don’t think the upgade does a reformat, I personally have never done one so I can’t say from experience.  But it will do writes to the drive and that could have an impact. 

Try the drive in different machines.  Windows 10, 7, Vista even XP if you can find them.  Family members, friends, neighbors, libraries, even cafe’s, etc.  But, if you find a machine where it does work you need to copy your files to someplace safe to take home with you.  Bring a CD or another flash drive with you.

Also consider, if the other machine is a public machine, could it be infected with malware.