Cruzer 64g Vault icon doesnt show

The vault icon doest show up on my cruzer anymore (worked fine yesterday).

The “my vaults” folder is there, but i cannot access any locked files because I cant get to the vault.

There is no vault icon on the bottom right tray and its not in the “processes” part of the Task Manager.

The drive shows the right amount of space being used, so the files should be there. I have tried taking out the drive and rebooting, still no luck.

forgot to mention, i have not formatted it or done anything differently.

dont know if this makes a difference, but when i go into “my computer” the cruzer drive shows a different icon, not the standard grey/white “drive” icon, instead its a white page with a small “windows” page with a blue taskbar.

it DOES show as a removable disk.

Update: the Secureaccess manager icon now shows on the taskbar at the bottom, but it doesnt work. When i left click, nothing happens. When i right click the only options are “about”, “exit” or “disable notification”.

there seems to be a small blue circle in the bottom right of the vault icon, but its too small to see. not sure if this has always been there, but i dont think so.

hmmmm  I would click on the Exit option, the Windows’ USB Safely Remove option then remove the Cruzer and reboot.

Hope This Helps.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the help.

Tried that a few times, didnt work.

Also tried downloading the securemanager software onto the cruzer again. Didnt work twice, but the third time it did.

Seems that somehow the software just deleted itself from the cruzer, no idea why or how.

Its been working since last night on two different pc’s, so this looks like its been solved.

Happy to hear it’s working cory.

The usual reason an app is deleted is some security software thinks it’s malware of some type and removes it.  Check your antivirus logs.