Cruzer Blade 32 GB

I have 2 Cruzer Blade 32 GB drives.

One of them always opens up as local drive (F:). The other one always opens up as local drive (G:). Why is this happing?

Actually I don’t mind because I often transfer files from one to the other. I’m just curious.

Also one of them the (G) drive has the secure sandisk vault file on it. I would like to use the vault feature but I’m not sure which program I should use to open it. It is an enc. file.

I’m running windows 8.1 OS. Can I use one of the files windows suggests, or do I have to get a “app”?

At the time I bought the drives I was using the Vista Home Premium OS. I must admit I had a hellava lot of trouble with them at first and did remove a lot of junk stuff off of them but they are useable. I would just like to use the vault on the (G) drive one.

Any ideas?



Your computer sees the difference in the 2 drives and assigns it a different drive letter. So you CAN transfer files from one to the other in the event both are plugged in at the same time.

Thanks, that is what I kind of figured but your conformation is much appreciated. Any idea about the second half of my inquiry?


Sorry, i don’t use or have any real knowledge of the Secure Access software on SanDisk’s flash drives, but this may be of some help.